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Intro: 0-4:52High Bar: 4:52-8:32Low Bar: 8:32-13:35Depth Rant: 13:35-18:15Why you can&39;t squat low: 18:15-23:45Back Pain: 23:45-end. By perfecting technique an athlete has the potential to lift bigger weights with less risk for injury. Maren can stay very upright, prefers high bar squats, and goes very deep. Here&39;s the high bar squat reddit politics thing, a high bar squat can vary a lot from person to person. You will (generally for most people) be able to move more absolute weight with low bar than with high bar due to the mechanics and shorter ROM.

TLDR; High bar to reduce lower back stress. On social media, the majority of people would comment on how nice Maren’s squat is and praise her for her squatting prowess, and the same people high bar squat reddit politics would ridicule Brett and. For wider stances and the low-bar variation, the degree of toe out will be more to ensure the foot stays parallel to a femur that is in greater abduction. High bar squat: upright posture, forward knee bend, bar in line with midline of foot. SUBSCRIBE: https:. Front squats and back squats require you to stay focused on upper body positioning to control the free bar. The high bar squat and front squat both work the glutes very well provided you go deep enough.

High-Bar and Low-Bar Squats There tends to be an age-old argument about the high-bar and low-bar squat in regard to which is better. high bar squat reddit politics I have more of a middle bar squat now, but stay more upright. The high bar position will require you to be more upright in your squats. The barbell squat that I put on the top of the pedestal is the Zercher squat—the squat that requires you hold the barbell in the crooks of your elbows.

Many trainers like to schedule up to three workouts per week, each containing one set of 20-rep squats, adding five pounds to the bar every time. If it&39;s a low-bar squat (bar lower on the upper back) there will be a bit of a hinge component to the movement, putting more stress on the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and low back. A high-bar squat is done with the bar of your barbell placed high on top of your trapezius muscles, across the top of your shoulders with your legs positioned shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing slightly outward as you lower and raise yourself from the ground to do squats. I only have the elitefts SSB and was wondering what the differences between high bar and SSB squats are.

Low bar with a wide stance requires the lifter to sit back and can put more stress on the lower back that way but usually doesnt force a lifter into the spine flexion like a high bar squat could. Using the SS bar for Bulgarian split squats will allow you to use more weight than you could with dumbbells. But since there’s more forward lean with a low bar squat, won’t they train the hamstrings better? In this video, Alan Thrall compares the High Bar Squat and the Low Bar Squat. If it&39;s a high-bar squat (bar on the upper traps), your descent will be more vertical. If you watch a low bar squat versus a high bar squat you&39;ll find on a low bar squat the knees high bar squat reddit politics don&39;t need to come out nearly as much and keep the tension locked on the hamstrings keeping tension off the knees. In a “low bar” squat, you rest the bar slightly lower. Typical training week right now is High Bar Volume, Pause Squat low bar, 2 RPE7-8 Low bar singles w/ back off front squats.

Once you sink to the base of your squat, success becomes a question of how strong your lower back is, as it is obliged to bear the brunt of a heavy good morning. While the glutes are active in a high bar back squats, they work to assist the. Here&39;s a video by Mark Ripptoe he builds a pretty good case. Low bar allows you to use the hips/glutes/hams more to squat the weight up, high bar is mostly quads. " I&39;m completely floored. It emphasizes quads less, so front squats, high bar squats, or even leg press can be done as an accessory.

I was always taught squatting low bar was the easy way out and if you really want to hit your quads, high bar is the way to go. Alan answers the popular qu. My high bar squat is now higher than my low bar squat (425 vs 405) and I felt like once I learned high bar, my strength was relatively equivalent between the two. If you are asking whether you can increase your low bar squat by training high bar squat, well there is probably still some carry over. The HIGH BAR SQUAT? The Landmine Squat Solution.

Others say you should only do them once per week. If I tried to do 8&39;s with Low bar I know I&39;d be pretty beat up. MMA champ Jimmy Collins performing the Zercher squat. It comes down to how close your high bar form matches your front squat form. This taxes your glutes, hams, adductors, and quads through a wider range of motion than the traditional split squat. This is the position in which the bar would break the ground. Depth has a greater impact on glute recruitment than anything else. In our opinion, that arg.

The high-bar squat is commonly used in weightlifting, as this squat style allows an athlete to train in similar torso, hip, knee, and ankle angles similar to competition movements,” states Quillman. * A video posted by BarBend on at 8:00am PDT. I think you&39;ve got some things backwards. Learning to squat correctly is worth the effort, but trying to add heavy loads to an exercise you can&39;t do well is asking for trouble. I haven&39;t touched a high bar in years now, and after my last meet at the beginning of November I decided to give high bar a go for a while reddit to give my tendinitis a break. Brett necessarily leans forward considerably, prefers low bar squats, and goes just below parallel.

Low bar engages the glutes and hamstrings more, with more stress on the hips and less on the knees. In each of these, the bar is directly below the shoulder, and the tibias are vertical. I used to exclusively high bar squat, and when I moved to low bar a few years ago it was basically a lateral move; I could low bar from the start the same amount I could high bar.

When hack squatting, a machine is handling the stabilization, so you can focus fully on. Typical training week right now is High Bar Volume, Pause Squat low bar, 2 RPE7-8 Low bar singles w/ back off front squats. Alter bar placement. A high bar squat is a back squat where the bar is placed high on the trapezius muscle across the top of the shoulders.

Just kidding - learn how to high bar squat in this complete guide + get programming tips and helpful cues. Differences, advantages, disadvantages, challenges. Photo courtesy Steve Baccari. The bar has moved further away from your center of mass, so the hips rise to try and stop the weight from pulling you forward. However, this is a much more powerful way to lift maximal loads. Use "Bryce10" for 10% off your first order at canadian protein: com Check out our live streams where we do form checks and Q&A&39;. First off: With the low bar squat, the bar is closer to the fulcrum, which means similar hip extension torque has to be produced even though there may be a little more forward lean than with a high bar squat.

The high-bar back squat is typically one of the first barbell exercises young athletes are taught today. Train high high bar squats, you will get a stronger high bar squat, train close grip bench, you will get a stronger close grip bench. Adam Skillin. In order to achieve an upright position, you’ll need to have superior ankle mobility and be comfortable with greater forward knee bend at the high bar squat reddit politics bottom of the squat. , 02:16 PM 2. At the bottom of the squat, hip extension demands are high, but some of your hip extensors (potentially your glutes, probably your adductors, particularly your adductor magnus, and probably not your hamstrings) high bar squat reddit politics are in a stretched position, meaning that the total muscular force you can produce is very high.

Front squats are an option, but many find it tough to hold the bar, and it takes a lot of practice to get the hang of it. If the only variation you do is the low-bar squat, this may be your simplest, most powerful solution. Low bar is typically favored for moving heavy weight as you’re using more major muscle groups: I powerlift and this would be a difficult lift for a lot of experienced lifters. I find high bar really gives my lower back a break. You end up with back pain rather than leg and glute.

And the addition of the SS bar will demand more of your upper back and thoracic extensors to stabilize the bar on your back. The high bar back squat places high amounts of loading on the quadriceps as it requires high degrees of knee flexion. *This study’s back squat was performed with high bar back squat position.

Low bar squats recruit the hamstring a little more than the high bar, but not nearly as much as is necessary to get a good hamstring workout. I switched from low to high because of a shoulder injury that would be exacerbated by the position in low bar. Probably not. To perform a “high bar” squat, you squeeze your shoulder blades together and set the barbell on the “shelf” created by your traps. The high bar position can be just as painful as the low bar, especially for those who&39;ve never deloaded the lift or played with the different positions of the squat setup. Then last week i was talking to a guy at my gym and he says "you know a tall guy like you should really be squatting low bar.

high bar puts less stress on the low back but can be more dangerous if going through a pelvic tilt which causes spine flexion. The feet are shoulder-width apart with toes pointed slightly outward. See more videos for High high bar squat reddit politics Bar Squat Reddit Politics. Take a guy who can high bar high bar squat reddit politics / low bar at 200 / 180lb respectively. A low-bar back squat could alter possible EMG findings. If your flexibility is good enough a high bar squat will stimulate the quads as much or more than front squats simply because they allow more weight and volume. The Zercher squat politics offers many unique advantages over the back squat and the front squat:.

For narrower stances and front squat/high-bar variations, the degree of toe out will be less due to less hip abduction and a more upright trunk angle. In some videos, it may appear that someone is pulling with their hips low because they squat down while setting up for the deadlift, but watch when the bar actually breaks the ground.

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